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Our Blog August 14, 2023

What is the initial step toward achieving success in digital payments?

Writen by codiux_admin

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Here’s a list of actions to initiate the integration of online payments into your business operations. Begin with modest steps and promptly involve key stakeholders to validate your plan.

Embark on a gradual approach:

Commence by focusing on one or two specific areas and then expanding outward. Avoid attempting an all-encompassing transformation simultaneously, as it can be quite challenging. It’s wiser to execute a successful small-scale change rather than attempting an overwhelming overhaul that could lead to failure.

Base your start on your existing knowledge:

Ensure that you’ve thoroughly assessed your situation using the self-assessment tool and identify the areas where you feel the most confident. Bringing about change might necessitate influencing colleagues or stakeholders. By showcasing favorable outcomes in your domain, you stand a better chance of achieving positive results.

Confirm your ideas:

Validate your assessment findings by collaborating with stakeholders. This will likely involve involving stakeholders from diverse domains to validate or revise your initial evaluation and strategy.

Create a broad plan, not a detailed specification:

Avoid becoming mired in the minutiae right from the outset. While it may be tempting, overthinking can lead to procrastination. Rather than fixating on intricate details, focus on outlining a roadmap that emphasizes crucial milestones and outcomes. Remember, your customers are more concerned with swift transactions than the intricacies of your payment technology investments.

Involve stakeholders:

Once your plan is in place, ensure active engagement with stakeholders within your organization. Obtain their backing to formulate a series of initiatives that will elevate your payment maturity score.

View it as a continuous journey:

Prioritize ongoing enhancement over striving for a specific score. Attaining a 100% maturity score might not be feasible or advantageous in your particular industry or circumstances. The effort to reach such a pinnacle might outweigh the business benefits. Instead, concentrate on constant refinements and progressively enhancing digital payment methods in ways that positively impact both your organization and its customers.


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