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Our Blog August 13, 2023

Conduct a thorough analysis of your competitors prior to creating your new website.

Writen by Codiux LLC

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Competition analysis involves the process of identifying and documenting businesses that offer similar services as your own. This critical step is fundamental in crafting an optimal website for your enterprise. Additionally, competition research plays a significant role in enhancing Local SEO strategies.

The choice between conducting professional or self-performed competition research hinges on your available time and financial resources. The level of efficiency and comprehensiveness achieved by professionals usually surpasses what an individual could accomplish. Moreover, an impartial third-party perspective is crucial to prevent any bias or potential exposure to competitors.

While ethical boundaries are typically observed in proper competition research, certain gray areas are best navigated by experts in the field. Hence, it is advisable to enlist professional assistance for competition research, allowing you to channel your energy into business growth and service provision, rather than research tasks.

In our competition research process, we pose the following inquiries:

  • Are your pricing structures competitive and appropriately set?
  • Have you considered novel services that could be introduced?
  • Could new service bundles be formulated?
  • What pricing models does your competition employ (hourly, fixed bid, estimates)?
  • Is the market saturated with service providers?
  • Can you identify an untapped niche to capitalize on?
  • Is the scheduling process streamlined by your competitors?
  • Which keywords do your rivals employ for Search Engine Optimization on their websites?
  • Where do they stand on review platforms, and how are their reviews?
  • Do your competitors openly display their pricing?
  • What is the extent of your competitors’ social media presence? Frequency and content of their posts?
  • Should you consider offering special discounts for specific groups, such as seniors?
  • Which trade associations do your competitors belong to?
  • How are your rivals marketing themselves, including the use of Adwords?
  • What is the size of their workforce, comprising full-time, part-time, and seasonal staff?
  • How are staff members compensated, either through W2 or 1099 arrangements?
  • Do your competitors present enticing incentives, like online quote forms or prominently displayed contact information?

In conclusion, by reviewing the above questions, you can identify areas where your business may be falling short and opportunities for expanding the information presented on your website. This analysis extends beyond mere observation; it serves as a means to enhance and elevate your company’s offerings. Should you require assistance with competition research, our team stands ready to provide support.

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